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Published Titles

Almagestum Novum

Giovanni Battista Riccioli's 17th c. masterpiece at last translated into English.

Stało się tak, jak się Panu podobało

Dziennik z II Wojny Światowej.

The Perfect Transport

... and the science of why we can't have it!

The Duck Bread Baker

Join Duck on a bread baking adventure and learn about healthy eating

About Us

Cricetus Cricetus is a new player in the publishing world, founded in 2023 with a passion for diversity in books. Our catalog features a mix of children's books and academic texts, all carefully selected to engage and educate readers. We're excited to kick off the year with a full publishing schedule and look forward to introducing our talented authors to you. In the future, we'll be on the lookout for new voices and creative individuals in writing, illustration, and design. Our goal is to bring thought-provoking and entertaining content to as many readers as possible.

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Coming Soon...

Get ready for a publishing adventure with Cricetus Cricetus! Our lineup for the coming months is packed with a diverse range of books, including and charming children's fiction and intriguing non-fiction titles.


Look out for "The Little Star Who Wanted it All", a charming picture book sure to delight young readers. And for the young adults, get ready for the thrilling world of "Pasaulya" with the start of an exciting new series, "The Legend of the Stormrider".

In the non-fiction department, there are three titles coming from the History of Science genre. First, a translation of Giovanni Battista's "Almagestum Novum" which set the standard for lunar mapping. Secondly "A verie plaine and perfecte table" will take us on a treasure hunt to find the long forgotten skills of Renaissance marine navigation. Finally, "To the Sun and Back Again" will look into European politics and its effect on science in the 16th and 17th centuries.

Keep an eye on our page for updates and stay tuned for more captivating content from Cricetus Cricetus!


Harriet and the Interdimensional Soup

An exciting adventure in cooking and multiverse travel

Legend of the Stormrider

An exciting adventure in a world of talking birds and kite flying kobolds

The Little Star Who Wanted it All

A star learns to embrace its own unique qualities and shine its light, creating life on its planets, in "The Little Star Who Wanted it All."

The Five Castles of the Fair Kingdom

Five siblings each rule their own castle in a divided kingdom, but must unite to defeat an enemy army and save the realm.


To The Sun and Back Again

A history of the role of politics in the adoption of Heliocentrism in Early Modern Europe

A verie plaine and perfecte table

A mysterious diagram leads to an epic quest to discover ancient knowledge.

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